Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Thursday, February 17, 2011

4th and 1

Here’s something I wrote about a decade ago.  Perhaps it will cause us to reflect on our nature and God’s nature.  Enjoy.
4th and 1
What’s the nature of man,
When it’s 4th and 1.
Why it’s to go for the gusto,
Seek the Father and Son.

But that’s not our way,
When it’s 1st and 10.
We go back to our playbook,
Just lookin’ for sin.

I’m not talking ‘bout criminals
Or headliner crimes.
Just everday folks
Missin’ signs of the times.

We’re bankin’ on stocks
And bonds just the same.
But leavin’ salvation
For a day full of rain.

We’re storin’ up treasures,
And investing with zeal,
In the things of this world,
That someone could steal.

New cars and new icons,
Give us a day full of joy.
They’re shiny and polished,
‘Til rust does destroy.

Now we’ve all heard some preachin’
On Heaven and Hell.
But we leave it at church,
Lest our neighbors we tell.

That kid on the corner,
With the clothes that are torn.
Keeps singin’ eternal sorrow,
Lest you’ve been reborn.

But ‘tween money and credit,
I’m doin’ all right.
Don’t give me that spiel,
‘Bout a thief in the night.

Those preachers on TV
Tell me not to wait
To save my soul
From some fiery lake.

But I’m changin’ the channel
Without one hint of guilt
My home is my castle,
I’ve earned what I’ve built.

They’d have you believe
Things I rather ignore.
Like selling all that I have,
Then givin' it to the poor.

They say their fishes of men,
But to me they’re a pain.
I’ve got things to do.
Come back when it rains.

Now I know I’m not perfect
I’ll be the first to admit.
I’ve sinned in my time,
But it’s not time to quit.

Oh sure there’s a God,
He's out there somewhere.
Beyond the planets and stars
Yes, I do hope he cares.

But I think we’ve outgrown Him.
We’re on the right track.
The more money I spend,
The more cash I get back.

Yes, I’m doin’ just fine
On my own don’t You see?
Just bought a satellite dish
For my big screen TV.

Sure something is missing
From my eternal soul.
But I’ll fill it myself,
I’ll try rock ‘n roll.

Or jogging or swimming
Perhaps give Yoga a shot,
But give up the good life
For your offer of what?

Submission, forgiveness,
And the power of prayer.
I wasn’t born yesterday:
Done that, been there.

And the world still had wars
And hunger and fear.
So I’ll just look out for myself
Now don’t shed a tear.

For it’s my own decision
And You’ve suffered no loss.
Please don’t tell me again
About a death on a cross.

Or a life without sorrow
After this one I know.
Or the signs of the times,
They’ll come and they’ll go.

It’s first down and ten,
And I’ve only begun,
Lord, please stay on the sidelines,
‘Til it’s fourth and one.

Yes, I've had my troubles,
Even called on Your Name.
But when things settle back down,
I'm just not up for the pain.

Of lovin' my neighbor
As I love myself.
Or loving You first,
With my life and my wealth.

Do you know what it's like,
To be rejected and all?
I'd like to help Lord,
But I can't answer the call.

I'd get funny looks,
From the guys at the plant.
When I'd invite them to dinner,
They'd just say they can't.

It's a long way to the church,
And gas isn't free.
If You wanted my soul,
Well, You'd come and see me.

I'd like to accept You,
I'd explain it some more,
But I have to go now,
There's a knock at the door.

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