Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tom's books - Updated March 2015

Tom Spence has been writing with passion for the past few decades.  Recently that writing has moved from traditional periodicals to online publications and more than a few books

How do people know about these books?  They are usually not listed in the USA Today or New York Times, so most folks discover them in blogs such as this.

Most of Tom’s books are listed below.

Non Fiction

Acceptance of Authority  --

Forced Confessions --

Christianity for Marines  --

God Loves You  --  (Children’s book)

The Profanity Problem  --  (Lesson Plan and Student Handouts)

Acceptance of Authority  --  (Lesson Plan and Student Handouts)

Heaven and Hell  --

Technology Acquisition and Front End Analysis for the Small Church  --

Rebaselining America  --

The Best of Out of the Box  --  (Brain Teasers)



Tough Day at the Plate  --   (Children's book)



Salt of the Earth  --

9 Encounters of John 9  --

Clipboard Christmas Skits  --

The Conversation  --

In the Beginning  --

Tom also maintains 3 blogs and when so inclined publishes the local newspaper.
Tom’s trials, tribulations, and timely thoughts  --
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Saturday, March 21, 2015

May you live in interesting times

They say there is a Chinese saying that says, “May you live in interesting times.”  Supposedly it is a curse, but no such Chinese quote seems to exist.

Yet, we do live in interesting times.

In the middle of a service for a high school classmate who died earlier this week, I received a text that the brother of one of our elders had passed.  We had prayed for him for some time and are praying for the family now.

Yesterday on my way back home, I stopped to visit members of the congregation in 3 different Oklahoma City hospitals.  I had been to 2 of them before but only 1 for visitation purposes.  I was born I the other almost 59 years ago; at least that’s what my birth certificate said.  I don’t remember the experience.

I also affirmed that it is good to have a prayer blanket or two prepositioned in my truck.  You can’t always swing by the office first.

The last hospital on my rounds was to see my mother.  She was at a fairly new facility in Yukon.  It was, of course, after visiting hours.  Things usually work out that way.

My mother was to have gone with us for a few days in Branson but wasn't up to the trip.  It seems she had a couple of ambulance rides in store for her that week instead.  One of them she still describes as a taxi ride.  Meds without food make for revisionist history.

My visit to St. Anthony’s—the hospital where I was born—was a week too late to have had one last prayer with my class mate, who passed away on those same grounds this past Monday.

Sometimes life is one of those puzzles where the pieces don’t always fit where you think they would; yet, we live in interesting times.  Were it not for the assurance of our Father’s love that never ends and his peace that goes beyond understanding, we might find ourselves trying to make all of the pieces fit together.

The times are interesting.
God’s love is certain.
His peace is essential to seeing us through the day.

May the peace of God that goes beyond our understanding guard you heart and mind in Christ Jesus.