Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Thursday, May 30, 2013

And open letter to a president or two

The following was submitted to President Bill Clinton and President Barrack Obama.  It is doubtful that it will reach either man, so I offer it hear as an open letter to the president and to all elected government leaders.

Dear Mr. President,

When Barrack Obama was elected as our nation’s president, I signed up for the White House electronic newsletter.  I did not vote for Mr. Obama, but he was elected and therefore he became my president and received my prayers and respect.

I was surprised that because I signed up for this newsletter from the president I was also put on every electronic mailing list for the Democratic Party.  This in itself was not something that I would expect from the office of the president, but worse than the deluge of emails from various democratic sources was the vitriolic tone of them all.  I would not have been privy to such acrimonious attacks on fellow public servants if not for the presumption that all people who signed up for the president’s newsletter were Republican-hating-Democrats.

This mindset has killed the attitude that our elected officials are public servants.  The Republican Party and the Tea Party are equally as acrimonious in their communications, but when I sign up for a candidate’s newsletter, I know that I will receive a dose of partisan horsehockey.  The same should not be true when I sign up for something from my president.

At any time I could have opted to be deleted from the mailing list that I was unilaterally placed upon, but I followed the discourse promulgated to see if it might finally put the American people and their needs ahead of selfish political interests.  My optimism was quickly dismissed as the vitriolic diatribe increased its venomous barrage.

I send this to you as perhaps the only living President or national leader from the Democratic Party that might be able to speak to today’s leaders that are addicted to extreme rancor and disdain for any thinking other than their own.  Senator Dole has issued some similar remarks to the Republican Party.

It is time to move beyond divisiveness and into true statesmanship.  I request that you take an active part in this effort on a national scale.

Semper Fidelis,

Tom Spence

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Through the storms

The day has come despite the storms of the night.
People so scared and in hiding just hoping for light.
But then the storm passes and you are alive.
Is it wrong to feel thankful when others did not survive?

How often we forget that today is a gift.
Tomorrow’s not promised—just this day to live.
But too often we forget the blessings of this day.
Until tragedy strikes and takes lives away.

It is a hard question to answer, but we still ask ‘why.’
Why must bad things happen, why must innocents die?
But until the story is finished and God says it’s complete,
We will still have sorrows and tears and things seem incomplete.

But there will come a day with a trump and a sigh,
Following silence in heaven as a short times passes by.
Then Jesus will come and claim all of his own.
And wipe tears from our eyes for every sadness we’ve known.

But until that day we must walk by faith and not sight.
We must shine in the darkness and bring forth his light.
Through storms and quakes and when disasters abound,
We must be still and know that God’s always around.

For those who have lost loved ones, property, and more
Don’t be discouraged for he knocks at the door.
And says come to him when you are burdened and he will give you rest.
For he desires that your heart not be troubled, but that it be blessed.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mission to Kenya - To Equip the Saints

From 4 May to 16 May 2013, Tom Spence and Rick Ellis deployed to Kenya from Burns Flat, Oklahoma to lead a conference of pastors and church leaders in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, and leadership.  The two also visited a refugee camp, two schools for orphans, and some homes.

These are pictures from Eldoret, Kenya and the surrounding areas.

Africa - May 2013

Some pics from Kenya