Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tuff Stuff kicks off on 12 September 2011

Tuff Stuff Bible Study

You are not invited to attend this Bible Study.


 You are challenged to fully participate in this Bible Study.

 It is not for everyone.  Everyone is not encouraged to attend.  This is only for those who want God to work in their lives through the reading, study, and discussion of his written word.  This is only for those who will commit to reading relevant scriptures for each topic area.  Compare this study to a fellowship meal.  You bring something wonderful and you enjoy many wonderful dishes.  But in this fellowship meal you are expected cook and eat.  You are expected to study, share, and listen.

Why such a hard line approach?

So we can study some of the more difficult passages, explore some tough concepts, and not be afraid to examine some of the more controversial topics of our generation.  Like what?  Topics such as:  Atonement, Discipline and Punishment, Divorce, Fear, Hell, Homosexuality, Sex, Soteriology, Stewardship, Taxonomy of Sin, War, and others.  Concepts such as:  Dealing with unholy behavior in fellow Christians, Role of Christians in Government, Wisdom and Judging, and others as selected by the group.  (Listed alphabetically not by order of study).

This is an open ended study group.  That is, we will not lead you to a predefined finding or try to convince you that you are wrong.  You will be challenged to seek the truth.  The truth itself is a wonderful liberator.

This study is not offered in lieu of worship.  This is Bible Study.  The group will meet only twice each month on the 2nd and 3rd Mondays from 6:00-8:00 pm.   It is for men and women from high school to too old to count the number of years.  Pray about this.  There will be commitment cards available in August.

The first meeting is 12 September 2011.

The format will involve reading and research on one topic for two weeks.  The areas addressed within each topic will be:

FTBTMS – For the Bible Tells Me So

Red Letter Words- What Jesus had to say on the subject

Word Studies- The width and depth of the original text
Commentaries/COF- What others have published on the matter

Unique Context- Were these passages written only for the original audience?

Personal Opinions- Here’s the fun part.  At the beginning of each new topic, all participants will be asked to write down what they think/believe in about a paragraph or less.  Each person will then seal this in an envelope not to be looked at until the study of the topic is complete.  These will be opened at the end of the study, shared if desired, or just used as a benchmark as to how much more each participant learned.

You will find the format unique and the discovery process to be genuine.  The study will be moderated by Tom Spence, but all who commit are expected to fully participate.

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