Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Friday, November 4, 2011

Less me, more You

Less of me and more of You

I face the day anew again,

Wondering where it will lead.

My mind has yet to wrap around,

Those things that will impede.

The goals that I have set today,

Accomplishments for good.

My heart and mind are set on them,

If only that I would.

Give up my own shortsightedness,

For a vision more grandeur.

And turn my head and heart to One who sees,

Beyond forevermore.

My thoughts and dreams they govern me,

They sway my every step.

I say that I live for the Lord,

But haven’t made room for him yet.

For the days are always busy,

And some things must be done.

If I can just get things in order,

I will call upon the One.

The One who surely knows what’s best,

For this day’s entreaties.

If I would only let him lead,

More of Him and less of me.

But there is comfort in the driver’s seat,

Control is a powerful drug.

I really govern nothing,

But these delusions they must tug.

At my heart which oft surrenders,

To the sense I’m in control.

It’s so hard to obey and render,

To One who makes sea billows roll.

But such is the mystery of life,

To trust only what we see.

Or know that there is so much more,

With more of Him and less of me.

Life seems one big comedy,

Nothing ever seems in place.

But we live it like a tragedy,

Always running the wrong race.

The world’s goals are so tangible,

They are within our reach.

But seeking another kingdom,

Is precisely what he preached.

It seems so unimaginable,

That we are the bride of Christ.

That this world we know is not our home.

Because for us He paid the price.

But are we living for our husband?

Are we keeping ourselves for him?

Or has the world grasped our precious treasure,

And we seek our every whim.

 Oh, I face the day anew,

Wondering what before me there will be.

Will I take the world by the horns,

With less of Him and more of me.

Or finally surrender,

And claim a victor’s crown.

For when we seek his kingdom first,

He gives me more, and how!

So today will be a new start.

I will start with bended knee.

And live this day for my Lord and King,

With much more of Him and less of me.

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