Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pastor’s Prayer of Petition

 Dear Lord,

Grant me your words so that mine will not cloud your message.
Grant me your heart so that mine will not lessen my ministry.
Give me eyes to see so that your Kingdom is visible in this world.
Grant me ears to hear so I may hear cries for help from those in need.

Challenge me to reach beyond my comfort zone to the place you have prepared.
Nurture me as I step out in faith trusting fully in you and not in my own understanding.
Stir the gifts that the Spirit has placed in me that I may produce good fruit.
Compel me to do good things in the world so that they may bring glory to you.

Take away my peace when I am not on the course you have set for me.
Warn me early and often when I start to wander away from you.
Do not let me go to the brink of apostasy before you rescue me.
Rid me of lust and hate and covetousness and all forms of evil that attack me.

Empower me to minister with wisdom and without condemnation.
Strengthen me to endure the battles of this day knowing that the victory is won.
Fill me with a teachable spirit that I may learn from you all of my days.
Accept my unconditional surrender to your will leaving no provision for negotiation.


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