Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I chose baseball over Jesus

I chose baseball over Jesus
What else could I do?
Saturday’s made for baseball,
But some people wanted to share good news.

Besides there’s hotdogs and there’s popcorn
And that hot Oklahoma wind.
But the smell of horsehide owns me
I hope Jesus still calls me friend.

Then it hit me like a short hop
I had to drop down to one knee.
Then I scooped up that revelation
That Jesus had made baseball for me.

I would be both salt and light
On the field or in the stands.
I could hit it out of the park
By sharing good news with the fans.

Or lay down that sacrifice bunt
By helping that dirty snot nosed kid.
Then explaining between innings
About God’s love and what Jesus did.

But it might not be so easy
When the umpire misses a call.
Oh how my human nature wants revenge,
But I’ll sing, Jesus Paid It All.

The church was made for mission
We are sent into the world.
To proclaim the gospel of Jesus
In Jerusalem, Judea, and even where baseballs are hurled.

So I will take the good news with me
Yes, everywhere I go.
And share it with others daily
So that they too will know.

That all of this is perishable
It’s temporary and won’t remain.
But the love of Jesus is forever
His is the name above all names.

So whether I am in the church building
Or crossing the Walmart parking lot.
I have a story to tell at the baseball field
Or while I walk around the block.

Jesus is Lord and Savior.
That’s all you really need to know.
Now go and live your life fully,
Taking his love wherever you go.

Play Ball!

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