Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tom's books - Updated March 2015

Tom Spence has been writing with passion for the past few decades.  Recently that writing has moved from traditional periodicals to online publications and more than a few books

How do people know about these books?  They are usually not listed in the USA Today or New York Times, so most folks discover them in blogs such as this.

Most of Tom’s books are listed below.

Non Fiction

Acceptance of Authority  --

Forced Confessions --

Christianity for Marines  --

God Loves You  --  (Children’s book)

The Profanity Problem  --  (Lesson Plan and Student Handouts)

Acceptance of Authority  --  (Lesson Plan and Student Handouts)

Heaven and Hell  --

Technology Acquisition and Front End Analysis for the Small Church  --

Rebaselining America  --

The Best of Out of the Box  --  (Brain Teasers)



Tough Day at the Plate  --   (Children's book)



Salt of the Earth  --

9 Encounters of John 9  --

Clipboard Christmas Skits  --

The Conversation  --

In the Beginning  --

Tom also maintains 3 blogs and when so inclined publishes the local newspaper.
Tom’s trials, tribulations, and timely thoughts  --
This is Oklahoma  --              

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