Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lexicon Lifestyle choices--what if and if only...

What is the difference between what if and if only?  Why what only of course. 

That and, if only are two of the most disgusting words that I can think of, at least in the world of purpose.  They are excuses prepared in advance for the inevitable failure or just giving up.

What if are words of possibility.  They invite creativity.  They beckon the mind to see beyond what we did last year.  They have the aroma of potential.

Seldom will the same person keep both sets of words in his or her lexicon.  To the person of purpose, the words if only are toxic.  For the person running a good race, they can only cut in and distract and disrupt.

The words what if are for the person seeking life to the full.  Not every what if is realized but the thought of not contemplating the best and settling for whatever is repulsive. 

We make many choices in the course of a day, a year, or a life time.  One of the best choices that we can make is to choose carefully which words and phrases we keep at the ready.  Our lexicon influences our life. 

Discard if only and embrace what if.  It will make a world of difference.

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