Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Value Life

The national conversation has been sidetracked as a war between the NRA and kids leading rallies.  The national conversation must focus on what matters—valuing life.  It’s good that these young people want to be involved and are passionate and that this country provides among other liberties, the right to free speech.  It’s also includes freedom for organizations such as the NRA and ACLU to espouse what they believe as an extension of those whom they represent, but there is so much effort being expended by so many without any clear focus on the precipitating issue.  What issue?

Life—human life from the first heartbeat in the womb to the last heartbeat whenever that may be—has value.  It is sacred. 

I listened to some of the speakers at today’s rallies.  I hear politics but not life.  I hear elections but not solutions.  I hear a nation that wants to proceed without God.  I hear calls for fundamental changes without a true moral compass. 

I feel the emotions of many but see the lack of clarity.  Those behind the scenes who deny God and want him to be completely alienated in our land are pushing an agenda that is not about safety or guns or schools or even the welfare of our children.  It’s about power, worldly power, that defies God.
I haven’t heard anything from today’s events that would turn this nation back to God.  May God have mercy on us all for our own godless desires have consumed us.

God is a forgiving God.  Let’s return to him before it’s too late.

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