Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Ballots not Bullets--Going Forward

Let’s see what the future holds for this Grand Experiment called the USA.  If the main objective of the Democratic majority in the newly elected house is to overturn a legal presidential election by impeachment or to focus all of their efforts on yet more investigations into the most investigated president ever, expect that we will have a fruitless two years.

However, if these newly elected representatives come with attitudes of making America better, addressing issues that the legislatures of decades past have ignored, and a sense of statesmanship over just staying in the office which they have been elected; good things could happen.

A Democratic House, a Republican Senate, and a president more businessman than politician have a chance at synergy.  Does anyone have the backbone to make this work for the good of the nation?
I suggest that now, even more than before the election, we communicate with all of our representatives and tell them to seek the common good.  Tell them to work together and make this nation better.

To move forward, we must put cynicism aside and look forward, preserving that which has sustained us for two- and one-half centuries and embracing that which is needed to solve today’s problems.  It’s tough work for sure and has no room for continued divisiveness.  I would sure like to see my grandchildren have the chance to preserve the blessings of liberty for the next few generations.

We can become entrenched or engaged.  Only the latter will offer anything of value to the American people. Keep this Grand Experiment alive by choosing to work for the people.  To all who have been elected, get to work for us.

I offer this prayer for all who will serve us in the years to come.


We thank you for the blessings of liberty that we in this nation know.
We thank you that ballots not bullets change the face of government in this blessed land.
We thank you than many have been called to serve and pray that it was you who called them.
We confess that for too long, we have been complacent as an electorate.
We confess that for too long we have left you out of the affairs of our nation.
We confess that for too long we have chosen discord over cooperation.
We petition you for a season of civility among our elected officials.
We petition you for wisdom in the halls of our Congress and with our Chief Executive.
We petition you that all in this land will seek you and your kingdom and righteousness above all worldly goals.

In the name of our Lord, Christ Jesus,


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