Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Left Hand Turn from the Right Hand Lane

Left Hand Turns
            From the Right Hand Lane

I’d been workin’ pretty hard,
Not makin’ very much.
The kids all needed haircuts,
And the pickup blew the clutch.

The dollar that I earned,
Never covered the expense.
I tried to keep on smilin’
But some things just made no sense.

I might have yelled too often,
At the kids or the dog.
But she didn’t need to treat me,
Like a burned out log.

I was feelin kind of low,
And really was in need.
I was lookin’ for some answers,
So my pride I did concede.

I read a couple books,
By a man named Gray.
Then watched some show on TV,
About livin’ day to day.

I started feelin’ kind of good
Knowin' exactly what to say.
No need to solve those problems,
Just say that it’s OK.

I became a 90’s kind of guy,
Guess I was finally tamed.
‘Then she made a left hand turn,
From the right hand lane.
Now those books, and shows, and people,
Explain their order of the world.
But put their words in practice,
And in traffic they unfurl.

Now some may say I’m crazy,
Some would say insane.
Cause I’d read a bunch of nonsense
That says that I’m to blame.

I’ve done the dishes and the carpets
And took out all the kitchen trash.
Took a second job at night,
So she’d have some spendin’ cash.

I did everything to love her,
That those experts said would work.
But one comment on her drivin’
And I’m back to just a jerk.

Oh Lord, thank you for forgiveness,
I’ve made this life a mess.
But her four-wheeled weapon,
Has put me to the test.

I dream of days in heaven,
Earthy troubles long gone by.
Where truly men and women,
Live the life that you desire.

But in this life I’m livin’
I’ve known pleasure and some pain.
I’ve know some sorrow and regret,
But survived them all the same.

Never questioned Your commandments,
But this now please explain….
Her makin’ left hand turns,
From the right hand lane.

No matter what they say,
They just can’t explain—
Her left hand turns
From the right hand lane


The preceding prose is offered for your consideration without any hint of appology to any woman in fact or fiction, alive or dead, saved or lost, hawk or dove, who has ever driven a car.

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