Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pick Up My Cross

What do you do when you have lyrics but no musical skill?  Post them in hopes that a musician somewhere will be called by God to change poetry into song.  Until then...

Pick up my Cross

Pick up my cross
And follow him
I know it involves
Some sufferin’
Pick up my cross and follow him,
I know it involves some sufferin’

The world it calls me crazy
Just a tad short of insane
Can’t sing a lick of music
Always miss the first refrain.

But I’m closer than ever to Jesus
When I’m feelin’ others pain.
I don’t pray for it to go away
But to pick up my cross again.


My neighbors sometimes avoid me
Vendor’s tell me to keep the change.
St. Peter tried to warn us
In this world we are estranged.

With danger all around me
I know an overwhelming peace.
Because I’m persecuted
For lovin’ most upon the least.


My country says it loves God
But I think we love comfort more.
We don’t like tribulation
Try to keep it from our shores.

But my Savior said I’d have trouble
When I confessed him as Lord.
His every word now cuts through me
Like a sharpened double-edged sword.


It’s a task I take on daily
Forsaking this world and its sin.
Wouldn’t trade these trials for anything
Just want to pick up my cross again.

We know not the day of his coming
‘Til then we’ll have sorrow and loss.
But whatever day that he may come
He’ll catch me carryin’ my cross.


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