Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Message of the New Testament

What is the message of the New Testament?
What story does it convey to us?

Where is the unity in the 27 books that make up this canon?
How does one take in the miracle of the virgin birth, teaching in the temple at age 12, calling disciples in the middle of their work day—and they follow Jesus, or walking on water? What do we make of all of the parables and teachings of Jesus?

What should we think of all the miracles?

Then we come to the passion of the Christ. We struggle to embrace his physical suffering and we marvel at his passion for a people who were lost in sin and hated him.
We consider the death on a cross, the empty tomb, and the witnessing of a resurrected Jesus—a Jesus who had defeated death.

We consider the early churches and the work of the apostles and their struggles with those who would manipulate the Good News.

We consider strong counsel to not just read these words of faith, but to live them.
Where is the common thread in all of this?

A very wise man, Dr. William Rustenhaven, suggested that the message of the New Testament is simply, Jesus is Lord. Could it be that simple?

This survey explores and confirms that this is a very viable thread throughout the gospels, epistles, and eschatology of the New Testament. Decide for yourself if you agree with Dr. Rustenhaven and myself, that the message of the New Testament is JESUS IS LORD!

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