Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Disconnect Notice


We panic when we see this hanging on our front door.
Did we forget to pay the water bill?
Have we gotten too far behind with our electric?
Please don’t disconnect us.  It is such a pain to get everything turned back on again.
Please, please, please let me get this figured out before I am disconnected!

That’s how we get sometimes.  We don’t like being disconnected.  We get angry when our internet service says cannot connect.
What audacity to tell me that I cannot connect with the cyberworld.  I have a selfie that I need to post!
And then there is the dropped call.  Even with 3 cell towers  every 10 miles, we still get disconnected.
We don’t like being disconnected.
We don’t like it!

That is, of course, with the exception of being disconnected from the Body of Christ.  So many don’t want to be connected with the most important connection of their lives.


Because they have become comfortable with the connections of the world.  They say that they believe in Jesus but Jesus is not their Lord.

Sadly, people follow the prince of this age.  They say they follow Jesus but worship their comfort zones.

They say they pray to Jesus but they live for the god of this world.
They say Jesus but follow the ways of Satan.

If they paid their water bill on time but got salt water instead of fresh water, they would be screaming bloody murder at the town hall.

But when Jesus paid the price for their sin and they decided they were too attached to the patterns of the world; they remain disconnected from real life.

Satan has blinded the minds of unbelievers, but why do those who say they believe remain blinded to the truth?

·         Because they choose to be.  They choose blindness.  They choose darkness over light.
·         Because living in the truth will demand that Jesus be Lord.
·         Because living in the light is very hard—at first.
·         Because hopelessness is what they know.

That dog don’t hunt!

It is time for Christians  everywhere to lead people out of the dark into the light and not let go of them while they get through the tough part of living in the truth.  Sounds a lot like detox, doesn’t it?
Throwing scriptures at them won’t help.
Countless barrages of I told you so won’t get them there.
Paying the bill one more time won’t help.

Follow me is what it will take.  These are the words of Jesus.  We should use them more often as we bring others to follow him.  Don’t just give them advice and directions.  Lead!

C’mon, we’ll do this together is the attitude that will bring people home.  Lead!

It’s not all about Sunday morning.  Come with us and see what it is to live for God every day.  I want you to know my joy.  Lead!

You had better believe it is going to be work.  It is the kind of work that comes with doing purposeful things.  It won’t seem like work.  When you accept Jesus really is your Master, his work is easy.  Burdens are lightYou can do what he wants and these things are not burdens to us.  Lead!

How can I lead?

I will help you put aside your doubt and see what it is like to walk with God’s Spirit and enjoy the fellowship of living in community.  We are not in this alone.

I will help you with the how to part of this.  God wants to give you his wisdom.  Once you live in his grace and by his wisdom, you will know fantastic things in your life.

I will help you get rid of the stuff that is weighing you down.  You won’t believe how wonderful it feels to be living the life God wants you to live without all carrying around all the junk we try to hold on to.

Remember that connecting the disconnected is about bringing those who have already professed Jesus as their Savior into the family that truly follows him as Lord.

Connect the Disconnected!

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