Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tom with kids in Kuwait
Tom with kids in Kuwait

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Are you thankful or bitter this year?

The last Thanksgiving basket went out moments ago.
No one stood in line.
Each was given out with God's love.
This was about being transformational and not transactional.
There were some who didn't want any of this God business and declined to go an area church and meet with a family of faith.
There were a few who wanted the vending machine back.  Just fill out the form and get the turkey and keep God and being thankful to him out of the picture.
Those who received baskets were blessed.
Those who choose to worship the god of this age are bitter, and empty, and disconnected from the family that would love to bless them.
It is time to do what Joshua told his people long ago.
Choose this day whom you will serve.
Serve the god of disconnection.
Serve the god of “it’s all about me.”
Serve the god of “what do I have to be thankful about?”                               
Choose the one true God and come worship him and serve him and learn to love him by loving others.
Many have chosen the one true God and have been blessed this day.
Many have been faithful to the god of this age (Satan).  We pray that their blindness is lifted and they have eyes to see a God of love.
We pray that they have ears to hear that the one true God is a jealous God and will not be mocked by people who choose to worship another master or try to worship two masters.
God has done everything that is needed for you to be in right standing with him.
That “everything” came in the blood of Christ Jesus poured out on the cross as an atonement for our sins.
Jesus paid it all!
Our part—our small part—is to profess Jesus as Lord and live in loving obedience to him.
Many have done this and know life, life abundant, and life eternal.
This Thursday, many will be compelled by the joy of the Lord to give thanks to God in celebration of a special meal, a meal that usually runs the course of two meals.
Some will just say, “The vending machine is broken.  No turkey this year.”
This Friday, many will fight crowds to get the stuff that they can’t live without.
This Friday, many who gave thanks to God on Thursday will begin Friday the same way, giving thanks to our Creator, Redeemer, Savior, Lord, and to the God that we know as Love itself.
As we consider our lives, we might find a parallel to the pair of thieves on the cross.
One was bitter and mocked Jesus wanting the Kings of Kings to get him out of his mess.
The other had eyes to see the unblemished Lamb dying beside him and sought a relationship with this Jesus.
As we enter this season of Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas, perhaps we should first assess which side of the cross we are on.
Are we bitter because we got ourselves into a bigger mess than we can handle and God doesn’t seem to be doing things our way?
Are we thankful for the relationship with God that we know through Jesus?
Which side of the cross are you on?
Are you bitter because you have mocked God all year?
Are you thankful for blessings to numerous to count?
There is no sugar coating here.
You love God and follow Jesus, worshipping him, trusting him, obeying him, and loving others.
Or you don’t.
Where do you find yourself this Thanksgiving?
If it is not loving God and following Jesus and living as a vital part of the Body of Christ, may I suggest that you change that by the New Year.
It is not just about where you spent eternity.  It is about knowing what real life, abundant life, and eternal life really is in the here and now.

Move worshiping God and following Jesus to the top of your list and know life!

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